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Belgian Chocolate
Belgian chocolate is, perhaps, the finest in the world and certainly a delight that should be savored. Made with quality in mind, if you are getting chocolates from Belgium, rest assured they are most likely the finest of their kind.

The history of chocolate in Belgium is interesting. Belgium has been producing fine chocolates since the 1800’s and are world renowned for their exquisite chocolates. Not only do they make great chocolate, they are pioneers of some the greatest chocolate “inventions” in history.

Since 1840 when the Berwaerts Company introduced chocolate pastilles and figurines, Belgium has been a leader in the chocolate industry. In 1912, the credit of the first hard chocolate shell or couverture goes to Belgian Jean Neuhaus. This was an important creation in chocolate history as it allowed for fillings to be put inside the chocolate. Due to the hardness of the shell, the fillings could be creamy and soft. These fillings were further developed with different flavorings such as maple, vanilla, and so on to create the praline chocolates that are much loved today.

In fact these Belgian chocolate pralines are so prized that the recipes are kept secret and famous chocolate houses like Godiva and Neuhaus guard their recipes and methods of production quite carefully, passing them down from generation to generation. But it is not just the recipes that make these chocolates so delicious it is the utmost attention to the details of making and presenting the chocolates as well as the care of selecting quality ingredients that make the chocolates a pleasure to eat as well as to look at.

Today, Belgian chocolate is highly sought after the world over. Luckily this demand can be met as there are many very skilled chocolatiers in this tiny country.

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