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Chocolate Chips
Chocolate chips are fun for baking or even eating, and these 1/8” size dollops of chocolate are quite versatile in their uses. Made to retain their shape during baking, these morsels have less cocoa butter than other chocolates so that they can be added to cookies, brownies, and breads and still look great. Since they don’t have the amount of cocoa butter that other chocolates do, they aren’t good to use in recipes that call for melted chocolate as they won’t melt in the desired manner and will produce a liquid that is too thick or grainy for the recipe.

Originally, these chips came in only semi-sweet but today there are many flavors and even sizes of chips. You can get milk chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, mint, dark chocolate and almost anything else. While chips are traditionally the “kiss” shaped mounds we are used to, they are now also sold in small chunks which is, interestingly enough, the way they actually started out.

Chocolate chips were invented in 1933 when Ruth Graves Wakefield used cut up pieces of Hershey bars in cookies. She served these cookies in her Toll House Inn which was located near Whitman Mass. The cookies were such a huge success that she eventually entered into a deal with Nestle - she allowed them to use her recipe on the candy bars package and in return she got a lifetime supply of chocolate! Initially, Nestle included a little chopping tool with the bars to accommodate the recipe, but then in 1939 they came up with a way to manufacturer the little kiss shape we know today. Even today, we still refer to those cookies as “Toll House Cookies”.

In the world of baking, chocolate chips have many uses - pancakes, pastry, muffins, pies, cookies, brownies, and as decorations for a number of baked goods. But, a favorite use for them is to simply keep them in the cabinet and sneak a handful every now and then for a delicious snack!

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