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Chocolate Fountains
If you want to create a sensation at your next party, consider having a chocolate fountain! These great gadgets provide a constant flowing river of chocolate that guests can dip various foods into for a satisfying delight. It’s a great place to gather round, a fun conversation starter, and makes the entire room smell fabulous.

Only a few years ago, fountains could only be rented from party shops, but today there are many home models on the market. No matter the route you take, be sure to get a quality chocolate fountain. Inferior fountains may not melt the chocolate properly, causing problems with chocolate flow. It could even burn your precious chocolate!

If you are in the market for a chocolate fountain, there are a few things you should be aware of. Number one is the noise. Some fountains can make a considerable din. If guests can't hold a conversation near it, its purpose is defeated. A quality chocolate fountain will have a quiet pump. This might not be something you would think about ahead of time, and once you get it home and plug it in you might be in for a surprise if you don’t first investigate the noise factor.

Another consideration is the fountain's “cleanability”. Although it might be fun to have a constant flow of chocolate in your home all the time, eventually you are going to have to clean it out. So be sure it has removable parts that allow it to be easilly cleaned.

Do take durability into consideration. When buying a fountain for yourself, you want it to last for years, not "conk out" after one use (or worse yet, in the middle of using it). Make sure to find a machine that is solid and durable. A good quality machine will be made from stainless steel with, perhaps, plastic trays. Also, be sure it has leveling feet. It won’t work right if it is not sitting level and may even spill the chocolate.

Finally, you want to give careful consideration to the chocolate you put into the fountain. Cheap chocolate just isn’t going to flow properly so you have to buy the good stuff with the proper consistency and cocoa butter. Also, your guests will appreciate a fine quality chocolate.

Now, one last thing… what do you dip into your chocolate fountain? Here, most anything goes, you can use fruit, other sweets, salty items and even vegetables! You could lay out a smorgasbord of items for your chocolate loving friends to dip.